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This is also where I put up stories about my adventures (and misadventures!) in pewter collecting.

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Pewter - For Gifts and Personal Collecting Pleasure

A collector reveals why he likes collecting pewter as a hobby and what items are available out there. Find out great ideas for gifts and collectibles.

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A Dream of Flying Pewter

Ever had a dream come true? Well, this one did, in a creepy sort of way...

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A Dutch Pewter Surprise

It was just a trip to see the windmills, but it turned out even better as I stumbled upon a little pewter shop...

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Pewter Earrings

Want cool earrings? Try pewter earrings. If you don't suffer from arachnophobia, take a look at my spider earrings...

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Pewter Owl

What does wisdom have to do with death? Ask the owl...

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Pewter Animal Figurines - Horses, Dogs, Eagles and Many Others!

Pewter animal figurines are very popular. You can find all sorts of animals like dogs, horses, eagles, rabbits...

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Pewter Candle Holders

I finally got my hands on a pewter candle holder. See how it behaves like a magic mirror...

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Pewter Goblets, Pewter Wine Goblets, Pewter Chalice

...and the Pewter Goblets of Fire...I like this title better.

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Pewter Figurines - Animals, Dragons and Even Deities!

I like fantasy novels. Naturally, I like fantasy figurines too. And pewter figurines are just the ones for me.

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Pewter Dragon Figurines

Pewter dragon figurines won't throw fireballs at you, but you'll like them anyway.

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Pewter Letter Opener

The keris is a dangerous weapon. I have one, but it's not dangerous. It's only a pewter letter opener...

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Pewter Charms Charmed Their Way Into This Website

What are charms? Find out in the Pewter Charms page. Oh, I have one too...

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Pewter Pendants

I have added a new page about pewter pendants. I got one for my wife...

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Pewter Figurines - What to Collect?

I wrote the article above and it has been published at Read the full article...

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Trip to Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

I finally found the center on my second attempt! Seeing all those Lord of the Rings pewter in one place was just great. Read more...

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