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Pewter Dragon Figurines are Great. They Won't Throw Fireballs at You.

I am the owner of a pewter dragon figurine. It is of the Chinese dragon variety with four claws on each of its four legs. A front leg holds a crystal orb. It's got a pair of fiery red eyes too! I've put up a picture below.

Pewter Dragon 6

Here's the view from another angle. The right front leg holding the crystal orb is more clearly seen on this one.

Pewter Dragon 5

Dragons are mythical creatures which feature prominently in both western and eastern cultures. Thus it is not surprising to find dragons being depicted in various forms from paintings, flags, sculptures, embroidery, and of course figurines.

The two most recognisable types of dragons are the European and Chinese dragons. The European dragon resembles a large lizard with a pair of bat-like wings. It is normally portrayed as a fearsome creature that can spit flames from its mouth.

But there are many types of European dragons and not all of them breathe fire. For example, the snow dragon breathes snow and hail instead. Take a look at my pewter snow dragon.

The Chinese dragon, on the other hand, is serpentine with a long scaly body resembling a snake. It is very popular in Chinese culture and folklore.

Anyone born in the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese animal horoscope is believed to be lucky and destined for great success. Somehow this is not surprising since dragons have always been the symbol of Chinese emperors.

Don't be surprised to read about a baby boom in China every twelve years (that's one cycle of the Chinese zodiac system) when the Dragon year comes along. The Dragon comes in at number five among the twelve animals in this cycle.

It is impossible for me to do justice to the wealth of information available on dragon mythology. If you are interested to know much more about dragons, Wikipedia is a great place to start from. I therefore humbly (and gratefully) provide the link to their page. Check out the various links and images they have just on this topic.

As for me, I will continue to look out for more interesting and beautiful pewter dragons, such as this pair of pewter chopstick rests. Who knows, having more of them might just bring me a little more luck in striking that lottery jackpot...

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