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Pewter Accessories

There are certainly all sorts of pewter accessories available out there.

For the ladies, you can find pewter rings, bracelets, beads and trinket boxes, among others.

For the gents, there are cuff-links and, err... cuff-links... Well, you can find some cool pewter rings if you fancy wearing one. Men don't really wear accessories anyway, right?

Very popular among accessories are pewter charms. These can come in any shapes and sizes. Pretty common are animals, fish, plants and symbols (religious, fantasy or cultural). These charms usually come in the form of pendants.

Another popular accessory is the pewter keychain. These can easily be found in gift and souvenir shops. They shouldn't be easy to miss if you go traveling and drop by in any tourist outlets.

I'm not much of an accessories collector, so I will only get one that really catches my eye. You can check out some of the items I have through the links below.

Pewter Charms

Pewter Pendants

Pewter Keychains

Pewter Trinket Box

Pewter Earrings

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