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Pewter Earrings

I used to wonder why girls are willing to go through the pain of piercing their ears. I mean, why do you want to suffer that just to hang a couple of things on your ear lobes? Do men notice them?

I don't know about other guys, but I hardly ever notice what women wear on their ears. My eyes go elsewhere instead...

Anyway, I do agree a nice pair of earrings can improve the appearance of a woman. They don't have to be big and showy. I've bought some with simple but nice designs and the ladies liked them and looked good with them.

Maybe they were just being polite? Hmm...I hope not.

Earrings can be made of various materials from metals to cheap plastic. Popular (and expensive) ones are of course gold and platinum studded with diamonds or other precious stones.

But if you don't want to spend so much and yet have something cool, then you couldn't go wrong with pewter earrings. They can look like silver or white gold if polished but at a fraction of the price.

You won't feel too bad if they got lost.

A great reason to get pewter earrings is the variety of designs available, from highly conventional to outrageous ones. It just depends on what you dare to wear, or what fashion statement you want to make.

Here's something of the creepy-crawly kind...
Pewter Earrings
A pair of spider earrings!

No, I didn't get these for my wife. She wouldn't even think of wearing them.

I got them as a souvenir from my trip to the Netherlands. I thought they were cute and different. Perhaps a younger girl might appreciate them...

If spiders aren't for you, then there are many others. I've seen skulls, flowers, bicycles and monkeys. Chances are, you'd find something that makes you look different and a little crazy.

Don't we all want to be like that once in a while?

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