Only Mugs and Plates are Made of Pewter, Right?

Well, that's what I used to think. I was terribly wrong.

Pewter was used to make tableware and drinkware during the olden days, and still is. And people actually used these items for drinking and eating, though it is quite uncommon to see anyone doing so nowadays.

So what else is made of this metal alloy?

Let's see...picture frames, tankards, goblets, key rings, chess sets, pendants, business card holders, cremation urns (yes, urns!) and my favourite, figurines! Basically the list is endless.

I got my first pewter some years back (it was a Lord of the Rings goblet), and since then I've been looking for more collectibles like it for myself and also to give away. I very much enjoy looking at and selecting a great piece. It has certainly become my hobby and passion.

I do not only get new items, but also some old and used ones which I can find in flea markets or second-hand shops. In fact I prefer the older ones as they have the antique look, and usually cheaper.

Here are some reasons why I find this silvery alloy appealing...

1. Makes elegant and excellent gifts without breaking the bank 
2. Requires little care - it doesn't tarnish easily 
3. You can find various items and themes for collectibles 
4. You can paint on figurines without feeling bad about it! 
5. It's a lot of fun!

This website tells you all about this wonderful material and the various interesting items made from it. If you're stuck for some gift ideas, you may find one here. And if you're interested in collecting, you'll find that there are many ways to start and expand your collection.

So, go ahead. Explore. And have fun! It could become your hobby too!