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Is It Pewter Tableware, Flatware,
Or Sadware? Sad? Hmmm...

Pewter tableware is loosely used to describe everything that's used on the dinner table, so people do use the word 'dinnerware' as well.

In olden times, pewter plates, saucers, chargers (plate holders) and dishes were called sadware. I couldn't find any reference on why they were 'sad'. Doesn't sound like a happy way to describe something we use daily...

Nowadays sadware is also called flatware, which sounds more appropriate (plates ARE pretty flat after all). But flatware used to refer only to cutlery like forks and spoons. Anyway, this is part of history and how language developed.

Modern pewter dinnerware consists of a pretty big group of items. They make very elegant gifts, especially when presented in a set and are very nice decorative items. People don't really use these on the dinner table anymore, by the way. I can't imagine anyone would have the heart to put ham and sausages on a beautiful pewter plate.

But then again, I read somewhere that many restaurants are using pewterware, so there you go...

If you'd like to know more about individual tableware items, do check out the links below.

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