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Pewter Drinkware

Whenever I think of pewter drinkware, I see images of people swigging ale from tankards in some movies on medieval England. I guess it's because I seldom see anyone drinking beer or ale from a metal tankard anymore.

Tankards and goblets are very common pewter items, and they make very nice gifts too.

Apart from tankards and goblets, drinkware also includes hip flasks, pitchers and jugs. Quaich (pronounced 'quake') is a Celtic drinking bowl prominent in Scottish culture. And then there are also porringers, one-handle relatives of quaichs.

A group of drinkware gaining popularity are wine accessories. These include flutes, funnels, bottle openers, stoppers and decanters. For wine lovers, these would be truly fine gifts.

Do explore the links below to look at each drinkware item in more detail.

Pewter Tankards

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Pewter Quaich

Pewter Porringer

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