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Don't Like Plastic? Then Check Out Some Pewter Figurines

If you collect figurines and want something more 'solid' that doesn't look cheap, then pewter figurines should suit you fine. They definitely look better than plastic ones. And if you find the colour too monotonous for your liking, you can actually paint them too!

You can find a variety of figurines made of pewter. Very popular of course, are fantasy figurines. Anything from dragons, fairies, witches, elves and other mythical creatures can be found. Characters from fantasy novels are frequently made 'real', such as those from the all-time-favourite Lord of The Rings trilogy. These can be quite expensive as licensing fees are involved, but are usually sought after for their great collectible value.

Are you a science-fiction fanatic? Then you should definitely check out these Star Wars figurines.

Animal figurines are very common too. Horses, tigers, dogs, cows...anything. In Chinese culture, the horse symbolises boundless energy and power and is commonly associated with success. It is always depicted in paintings and these are well-received as gifts. Similarly, pewter horses would make excellent presents too. And they're three-dimensional!

If you're interested in oriental culture and symbols, then you can find figurines of deities or gods. Some common ones include the Laughing Buddha and the God of Longevity.

Check out the links below and have fun collecting!

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