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Pewter Koala Figurine

You can only find the koala in Australia. Right?

Well, no. Actually you can find it in many countries but they originated from Australia. In other parts of the world they are found in zoos for display to humans.

I used to call it the koala bear, but now I realised it is wrong. The koala is not a bear although it looks like a cute teddy bear. Technically it is a marsupial.

What's a marsupial?

A marsupial is a mammal. But what makes it different from other mammals is the pouch that the female has and uses to carry its joey as it grows. So kangaroos are also marsupials. Others include wombats, wallabies and opossums.

Oh, a 'joey' is a baby koala. Go ahead, you can now tease anyone who's called Joey.

Pewter Koala

I was looking around for something interesting when I stumbled upon the pewter koala figurine above. Frankly, I'm not exactly a fan of koalas. I thought they were too cute and are only for little girls.

But then I thought pewter koalas aren't very common. And this one looks pretty neatly made. So now it sits nicely next to my pewter eagle and pewter otters.

This koala figurine isn't too big. It's only about 6cm tall.

I think it's a cool design. It isn't easy to create something like this that doesn't topple over at the slightest touch. The whole piece is balanced nicely on the single foot that's also the branch. The koala seems to be holding onto it for dear life.

The only grouse I have is that the areas around and under the neck on the koala's left side are not easy to reach for cleaning. It looks like there's a layer of dust that's not been removed for years.

But all in all, it's still a great one to have...

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