Pewter Otter Figurines

If you like playful animals, then you would like otters. Unfortunately they don't come as pets!

Otters have pretty short front and hind legs on a long, slim body. They have webbed paws with sharp claws to help them swim and catch fish, which is their main diet. They are very good swimmers and they have to be, or they wouldn't be able to catch any fish to eat.

It might seem a little strange to find otter figurines since they wouldn't be the first animal you'd think of when you think about animal figurines. And it is rather uncommon.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a pair of pewter otter figurines on offer which I snapped up instantly.

Here's a picture.

Pewter Otter Figurines

This pair has been around for some time, as you can see from the picture. They're no longer as shiny as new, and tarnish has already appeared.

One of the otters looks straight up while the other turns its head around. I put them on my desk arranged exactly as you see in the picture. Somehow putting them this way came naturally.

They certainly look better as a pair, although I'm not sure if there are other designs that make up the set.

Besides the pewter otter figurines, I also have a pewter eagle which you can find in the Pewter Animal Figurines page through the link listed at the bottom of this page.

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