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What is a Pewter Quaich with One Handle? Pewter Porringer!

While the quaich is uniquely Scottish, the porringer is usually associated with Europeans and Americans of colonial times. The easiest way for you to identify between the two is to check the handles.

A porringer has only one, while a quaich has two.

Simple, right?
Pewter Porringer
The sketch above is that of a porringer (you can see the sketch of a pewter quaich in this website too). Indeed, porringers were usually made of pewter. Although rather uncommon compared to other pewterware, new pewter porringers are still available nowadays.

The same cannot be said of antique ones, though.

Many of these and other pewterware were taken away during the American revolution to be melted and made into bullets as lead became scarce. Some survived and you can find them in museums or at some auction sites.

Hey, since they were made in to bullets, there must be a lot of pewter bullets then!


Anyway, a porringer is no longer a common household eating utensil. We all use simple bowls without handles nowadays. And these are usually made of porcelain or plastic.

Pewter Baby PorringerOh, here's a real porringer which I got online. It's a little porringer which my wife pestered me to buy for our baby. She thought it was nice and classy. I think so too, if only I didn't have to fork out the money...

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