Pewter Snow Dragon Figurine

I have a pewter snow dragon in my collection which I like very much. It's bigger than all my other figurines, standing at close to 12cm tall. It's pretty heavy too.

Pewter Snow Dragon - Side

This snow dragon is of the western or European type, with a pair of huge bat-like wings. A snow dragon is supposed to live in cold areas and are usually white or light bluish in colour. At least, that's what little I could find out about it.

The other thing about a snow dragon is that it is supposed to breathe snow and hail. So it's a complete opposite of the usual fire-breathing dragon.

This figurine looks like something straight out of a scene from a fantasy novel. The snow dragon looks viciously fierce with its neck fully stretched. It appears to be making a loud roar, or possibly throwing a stream of snow or hail at an enemy or a potential prey.

This is how it looks like from the front...

Pewter Snow Dragon - Front


The thing that it's perching on looks like part of a boat to me, with its rather long tail wrapping around it. The wings look great. I especially like the two talons on the tip of each wing.

And here's a look at the wings from the back...

Pewter Snow Dragon - Back

Looks like a bat, doesn't it?

This snow dragon didn't come cheap. But I willingly parted with my hard-earned cash to get my hands on it. My friends couldn't understand why.

But you will, if you're a serious collector of something.

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