Ever Thought About Keeping Your Certificates in a Pewter Scroll Holder?

I'm pretty sure not many people have come across a pewter scroll holder. It's not a very common item in the world of pewterware. I haven't come across many of these anyway.

Most of us would normally keep our certificates in clear folders. If its a professional qualification and needs to be displayed, it's usually framed up.

If you have a certificate which means a lot to you, such as a marriage certificate, a scroll holder made of pewter is a pretty cool way to store it in.

And, yes, I actually have one of these...

Pewter Scroll Holder

This was a gift from a relative. I didn't think I needed to keep any certificate in a metal case, but my wife loved it. I couldn't say 'why bother', could I? So now that piece of paper gets to stay in there. I guess it must be the two cupids and the pair of lovey dovey birds that my wife liked. Anyway, it's still a nice item in my pewter collection.

You don't have to keep only certificates, you know.

All your precious love letters can be stored in a scroll holder too!

But then, how many of us do write love letters nowadays? It's so much easier to just email or send text messages.

Sigh...those were the romantic times...

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